The Advantages of Digital Currency Powered by Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is the gambling sector is no doubt a great innovation as it benefits both the house and the player. Some of the major aspects as to why cryptocurrencies are preferred include the high-end security features, easy withdrawal of funds and minimal operating costs.

The Advantages of Digital Currency Powered by Blockchain Technology

This article aims at bringing to you an in-depth overview of the significance and the benefits of using digital coins in the casinos while gaming. Read on!

Significant Factors Contributing to the Growth of Digital Currency


The use of digital currency eliminates the submission of all the personal details of the players including their name, address, and card number. This hugely reduces the risk of criminal and fraudulent practices. The casinos only store the customer’s public key and the amount they deposit.

Quick withdrawals

Well, the fact that cryptocurrencies do not require permission from a centralised source to authorise funds is one of the key benefits of playing in Bitcoin casinos. The waiting time for withdrawals in a Bitcoin casino is considerably lower when compared to a traditional casino. The traditional online casinos take a lot of time to cash funds out to a given funding source in order to keep large bankrolls online. This poses some risk as well as some inconvenience to the player since their money remains in a fixed account and out of the customers’ control.


Using cryptocurrencies works out cheaper for the casinos as the network fees are entirely borne by the players. Apart from this, the casinos also offer the players with games featuring high payout percentages and also provide additional bonuses to all their loyal players. Hence,  cryptocurrencies stand economical for both casinos and the players as well.

Bonuses, promotions and incentives

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency casinos provide the players worldwide with a fantastic array of bonuses, promotions and handsome incentives. These casinos generate extra revenue without the overheads of Visa and MasterCard fees to deal with. It is to be noted that the bonuses offered by this type of casinos can differ from each other to a considerable extent.

The Benefits of Using Alternate Coins

There are some perks of using alternate cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. Most people who choose one of the above digital coins or another such as Monero or Ether often do so because of the longer transaction times and higher fees that were associated with BTC throughout last year. However, the recent network upgrades known as Segwit has definitely made things better in terms of both fees and transaction time. Additional protocol improvements are coming up too. The Lightning Network has properties that would be particularly useful to online gamblers, allowing for multiple instant free transactions that are only settled at the end of a gaming session. Lightning Network has gone through the necessary tested needed to unleash it on a multibillion-dollar network, there do remain some perks to using an alternate coin. The lower fees options such as Litecoin or Ether are no doubt fascinating. Also, there are some players who wish to remain anonymous and therefore, Monero makes a good choice.

Time and the market will reveal as to which of today’s or tomorrow’s cryptocurrencies make the preferred payment method. Each has its own qualities, but none function with the same network effect, decentralisation, or team of developers behind them as Bitcoin. Presently, the world’s best developers are working on the original Bitcoin which is soon to outshine in the years to come.


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Published Date : 30/05/2019

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