All About High Variance Games

The last few years have seen the rising of a phenomenon – high variance slot games. The impressive rise of high variance games is widely attributed to an Australian software provider by the name of Big Time Gaming. Big Time Gaming has quite a few online slot games that are equipped with its proprietary Megaways game engine, with this resulting in the setting of wagering records and massive wins on slots like Extra Chill and Bonanza.

All About High Variance Games

The Megaways game engine has proved immensely popular among players everywhere. As a result, more than a few software providers are now actively engaged in grabbing a piece of the action by creating their own high risk and high reward online slot games, aka high variance games.

These games are heavily promoted in most online casinos, with current online casino listings being packed with high variance slot games. Increased access to these games help make them even more popular and their popularity is set to grow over the years. 

Now, high variance games are high risk and high reward undertakings. Wins are infrequent but can be massive when they do occur. With that being the case, it bears asking if high variance slot games are worth it. The rest of this article will seek to answer this question.

What Makes For The Popularity Of High Variance Games And What Type Of Games Are They?

Most gamblers will, of course, be familiar with the term variance. It refers to the frequency of wins during an online slot game.

Slots can be low, medium or high variance. The first type pays out lots of frequent wins, the second pays out medium amounts of medium-sized wins, while the last pays out a few big sized wins during gameplay.

However, the variance can be affected by the RTP. Thus, in a game where the RTP is set at 96%, there will be occasions when the RTP is higher than that listed, as well as periods when it is lower. This happens in the long term, rather than over a few hours of gameplay.

As to what type of games they are, high variance slot games tend to pack more fun and suspense other games simply cannot boast of! This can be overwhelming to some, and addictive to a few.

Are High Variance Games For Everyone?

Well, high variance games are not to the taste of all players. Say, a player likes his/her fun on the very spicy side and with plenty of thrills layered on, then a high variance game can do.

However, caution must be exercised when playing high variance games. Since these games payout infrequently and usually requires that bettors bet large, a long gameplay session without wins can easily burn through the bankroll.

So, the player intent on having fun on a high variance game must first set aside a reasonable bankroll for the purpose and be fully aware that wins can take some time to appear. He/she should also seek to stretch out the bankroll by not always wagering the maximum permissible on this or that high variance online slot game.

Of course, should the player have a declining appetite for risk or simply want a change of scenery, low variance slots with their small but frequent wins might do!

Living The High Variance Life!

Some of the high variance games are still new and are loaded to the gills with outstanding features. Here they are: 

  • Counting Down Finally! – The Final Countdown slot is the sequel to Big Time Gaming’s seminal Danger! High voltage slot. This new creation has cloning reels, wild multipliers and is a classic in its own right. The audio effects are themed around 80s rock and the graphics are simply awesome. This slot has a free spins mode, win multipliers of up to 256x and a truly staggering 36,000 potential payout. 
  •  Lightning Never Strikes Twice! – The Lightning Strike Megaways is themed around some magnificent Norse warriors. It is made by Blueprint Gaming and equipped under license with the Megaways game engine. It looks pretty as sin, has lots of wilds, multipliers and free spins bonus round. Try this out, but only if massive suspense and thrills is the goal!


Review Name : All About High Variance Games

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 13/08/2019

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