What to Do When You Have a Blocked Casino Account?

Online casinos, like brick and mortar ones, have the right to block or suspend user accounts. The reasons include misuse of casino bonuses, failure to comply with the terms and conditions, using inappropriate language, questionable gambling patterns, failure to report errors in a game and fixed live streams among others.

What to Do When You Have a Blocked Casino Account?

What options do you have if you’ve had a blocked casino account? Having your account suspended is nothing short of annoying, particularly if you were oblivious of some of the stringent rules. In this article, we will discuss plausible solutions to help you gain access to your account. First, let’s get into the reasons in detail.

Reasons for a Blocked Casino Account 

Knowing the reasons for a blocked casino account is important as it will help you know how to get it unblocked. Secondly, you will know as to why you shouldn’t be repeating the same mistake.  

1. Failure to Comply with the Terms and Conditions 

Let’s face it, a great percentage of online casino players do not go through the long-form terms and conditions document. We check the ‘I have read the Terms and Conditions’ checkbox without having read as much as the first sentence. We are always in a mad rush to get into the fray, to start winning some cash.

But ignorance is no defence. Terms and conditions are in place to ensure a level playing field for both parties. While there are similar T&Cs for casinos, it is hugely important to know the different variations so that you know what you are getting yourself into. For example, most casinos have a series of prerequisites that stipulate when and how players can win when wagering using the deposit bonus. Though unlikely, if you get blocked because of misusing it, be sure to mention it during the arbitration.

2. Inappropriate and Abusive Language

This occurs mainly when you are communicating with customer support staff. Inappropriate language includes using foul language, issuing threats, or intimidating the personnel. Online casinos have zero tolerance for abuse from patrons. Players who engage in such will have their accounts blocked or suspended to warn them and make them toe the line in the future.

3. Failed Log in Attempts

Many casino accounts have been blocked due to failed login attempts. Keying in the wrong user name or password may indicate that an unauthorised person is trying to illegally gain access to your account. To protect your account, the casino may opt to block it until you offer official commentary on the same.

4. Questionable Gambling Patterns

Casinos store and process data on players’ gambling patterns. Though a long shot, some casinos might even share gambling pattern data among themselves and use complex algorithms to determine unusual behaviour.

If a player is discovered to be acting like so, their account will be blocked and all funds will be withheld pending an official investigation. This also includes game errors made by the casinos. Players are required to report glitches; any winnings from such errors will be cancelled.

5. Duplicity of Accounts

Patrons are required, by law, to only have one account per casino. Detection of duplicate accounts will lead to the blocked casino account. The same applies if a patron shares the same IP address with another patron at the same online casino.

6. Fraudulent Activities

Fraudulent activities include using the casino to launder money, underage gambling, and giving the casino false information among others. Any detection of fraudulent activities will lead to a blocked casino account.

7. Misusing Casino Bonuses

Casinos offer bonuses to attract new players and maintain regular ones. However, the bonuses, as was mentioned above, have to be wagered on multiple times before withdrawal. Bonus abuses have no intention of betting on the required amount; that will lead to a blocked casino account.

There are more reasons than those mentioned above. The onus lies with the players to go through the terms and conditions of their online casino.

Steps to Unlocking Blocked Casino Account 

Whether you broke the rules knowingly or unknowingly, it is imperative to know how to unblock your account. If you have funds locked up in your account, you will instinctively panic. Well, the solution is simple and straight-forward.

Contact the Casino Customer Support Staff

First, contact the casino’s customer support team to explain your impasse. Most casinos have a live chat feature, which doesn’t require you to log into your account. The live chat feature offers the fastest and simplest way to have the issue resolved. Even better, most casinos have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team that responds within minutes of enquiry. If this option isn’t available, contact them through email or their official phone number.

The customer support staff will let you know the reasons for your blocked casino account and, in the end, help you unlock it. If it is a simple violation like constantly entering the wrong login credentials, they should send you information through email on how to reset the details of your account. Issues such as wrong verification will require you to send more documents that prove your identity. After everything is certified, you’ll be good to go.

Submit a Complaint

There are other issues that require complex solutions. Violating terms and conditions, having a duplicate account of using bots to counteract the casino’s edge might lead to having your account permanently blocked. But you have one last arrow in your quiver: file an official complain through the casino’s Complaints Service.

Through the Complaints Service, you have a chance to better understand the details of your issue and plead your case. However, you need to understand that amnesty entirely depends on the casino.


Most patrons suffer the fate of a blocked casino account because of ignorance. It is only prudent to go through the terms and conditions and strictly adhere to them to avoid being locked out. Should you accidentally experience it, follow the procedure above to have it restored.


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