How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

It was not so long before when the one-armed bandits and fruits machine were the hot casino favourite, now online slot machines have earned that rank.

 How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

Brief History of Online Slots

As the advanced technology stepped up in the casino gaming world, online slot machines were born. In the mid-1990s, first of these machines was developed. As the internet took over the world, more slots were developed. The online slots in early days were available for classic games like Blackjack, Roulette only. Later, cool games with different themes and top-quality sound & graphics took the gambling world by storm.

Working of Online Slot MachinesThe RNG

All the video slots use a Random Number Generator technology. The RNG is responsible to bring out any random sequence of numbers or symbols on the screen every time the player uses a spin. It does not depend on how long a player has been playing or how much has a player earned/lost in that period.

The RNG has a ‘register’ where a number is stored momentarily. In a fraction of second, a new number is rewritten. When the game initiates, the number present at the very fraction of the second that software copies, appears on the screen. This process runs for all the reels until a final combination is selected.

However, no one besides the developer can really tell how these machines are coded. Different technicians have different opinions about online slot machines. There is always a puzzle or two about online slot machines that no one can solve.  

Spin to Play

Once the player hit the spin button, The RNG gets active and starts spilling out hundreds of words per second. At every reel, a random number or symbol appears. Based on the number of reels, for example in a five-reel slot, five random numbers appear on the screen.

Winning Spin

To record a win, a specific combination of the symbols must appear on the reel. Therefore, a three-reel slot has more chances of a win than a five-reel slot in theory. Every time, a win is recorded, a fixed payout is awarded to the player. The bigger combinations correspond to bigger payouts. Every spin that results in a winning combination in casino slang is called a winning spin.

Bonus Spins and Jackpots

The software does provide some random special characters like a scatter symbol or a wild symbol that are responsible for deciding the bonuses and jackpots. There is a fixed pattern for every win or every bonus feature. Getting a specific combination of symbols will trigger the software to award the related win.

The very basic bonus feature in the online slot machines is the free spins. Free spins are awarded for many different combinations of numbers. A pre-programmed software knows the output for every possible selection that may appear on the screen.

The Improbable Probabilities in Online Slot Machines

The RNG is a fixed pattern software of course. But there is no assurance of which number will appear on the screen. This all depends on the very moment a player click the spin button. There is no actual way that any player or developer can ever figure out a correct pattern because of such a high number of permutations.


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