The Techy 20s: How Technology will Play its Part in iGaming This Decade

The Techy 20s: How Technology will Play its Part in iGaming This Decade

There’s no hiding the fact that emerging technologies are going to play a major role in the development and advancement of iGaming in the 2020s. We are already seeing multiple online casinos getting started with their journey each day. This flow of newly developed live casinos is only possible due to advances in tech and network connectivity. 

However, what we’re seeing is just the tip of an iceberg. In the upcoming decade, we will see things in iGaming, which we can’t imagine right now. Here, we have tried to predict some of the things that we might see in an online casino in the next 10 years. Take a look!

Reinforcement of New Regulations

In this article, we will be highlighting the changes associated with online gambling that we might see in the future, not only the technological changes. The first and foremost thing that makes gamers worry is the ever-changing regulations imposed by our governments. The tightening grip of gaming’s regulatory bodies has annoyed many gamers over the years. And, that will not change in the upcoming years also.

As technology progresses in lights speed, lawmakers are also coming up with new laws to make gaming safe and secure. However, that doesn’t mean gamers will be happy with these new laws. There is still uncertainty over online gaming’s future in Germany and the UK. Let’s hope for the best. 

Live Casino Owners: The Future Billionaires

It’s tough not to look at what game developers and online casinos have done to kickstart a completely new billion-dollar market segment out of nowhere. Online casinos, within a decade, achieved almost 40% of traditional casino’s market share. What brick and mortar casinos have been doing for over half a century, online casinos did it in a mere couple of years. And, that’s a bold statement.  

So from now on, we will see only an upward graph for iGaming. Owners of the famous online gaming portal will be future billionaires unless a world war or a pandemic starts. If you know the business model and can develop cool games, you should also try your luck in this online casino race. 

Mobile Casino: The Next Big Thing

As our handheld mobile devices are getting bigger and better with each gen of mobile phone topping the specification charts, mobile casinos have become a reality now. Most of the top live casinos are coming up with an app where users can play 24x7x365. As time progresses, mobile casinos will become lag-free, easily-accessible with the ultimate real-time gambling option for us.

In a recent interview, Evolution Gaming’s CEO, Mr. Martin Carlesund, told their target is to steal screen time from leading apps like YouTube and Netflix. Now that might be a bit of over expectation, but it’s not a completely vague statement. Some users, at present, spend more time with their mobile casino app than they spend on streaming services.  

More Avenue for Revenue to the Affiliates

If you’re an affiliate of an online casino, then your job has never been this easy before. More and more people are getting access to the internet at a cheap price, making internet traffic much higher than it was five years back. And driving this traffic to your affiliated gaming portal via the streaming platform and social media hasn’t been easier. 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and video streaming platforms like YouTube and TikTok are playing a key role in affiliate marketing programs. Making a video to appeal to potential customers has grown exponentially as new ways are opening for an additional income for content creators. These creative campaign marketing are not only bringing new players to the iGaming sites but also financially beneficial for independent creators. 

Blockchain: The Latest Way to Pay

Cryptocurrencies have seen a meteoric rise in the past decade as bitcoin leading the herd to a safe and secure method of payment for the global citizens of Earth. And this rise has been nothing but a blessing of the iGaming industry. 

If there is only one vital aspect of payments, then it has to be safety and privacy. And Blockchain-based cryptos like Bitcoin offer unmatched security. So in the future, we may safely assume cryptos will dominate the payment methods. 

In Conclusion

The last ten years have been challenging for online casinos. With all the restrictions imposed by the government, it was no easy task to move the industry forward. Still, live casinos have seen exponential growth, and it will only going to get better from now on. So, in conclusion, a bright future is waiting for iGaming in the next ten years. 


Review Name : The Techy 20s: How Technology will Play its Part in iGaming This Decade

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 22/04/2020

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