How to Manage Wagering Requirements of Free Spins?

How to Manage Wagering Requirements of Free Spins?

Wagering Requirements aren’t exactly an easy thing to wrap your head around, especially, when you are beginning your journey in the online casino world. Presently, every online casino offers free spins online. These free spins can really help you out with getting started in a particular online slot. However, these free spins come with some specific set of conditions known as wagering requirements. 

What Is Casino Wagering?

Wagering Requirements, in a game of slot, are the specific conditions attached to the usage of bonus spins or cash bonuses. Basically, the wagering requirement represents the whole amount that has to be wagered before withdrawal. Any winnings produced using cash bonuses or bonus spins come under this requirement. 

Different casinos have different wagering requirements. For example, If an online casino has 35 times wagering requirement, that means you have to wager your bonus 35 times before withdrawing real cash from it. If you receive a bonus of $10 then you have to spend $350 on eligible games before withdrawing any pending winnings.

Any winnings achieved while working for wagering requirements will be kept in the pending balance column until you meet your wagering requirement. During that time, you won’t be allowed to withdraw money from your pending balance. However, you have the leverage to spend this pending balance to fulfill your wager requirement.

How Wager Requirements for Free Spins Work?

Wager Requirements are not only limited to free bonuses, but online casinos can also apply it to free spins online. This means the money you make using the free spin has to be used a certain number of times before getting hands on it. Suppose you’re playing a slot that has 20 times wagering requirements, and you excel on the free spin attempt winning $100 in the process. Then you have to continue playing for $2000 before making your first withdrawal. 

These wagering requirements are established to keep you invested in the game. If someone gets lucky in the free spin and he/she just withdraws the whole amount and never play the game, then, free spins won’t be beneficial for the gaming house. Free spins online or cash bonuses are only economically viable when they are bundled with wager requirements. 

Does No Wager Free Spins Exist?

It may sound crazy, but no wager free spins actually exist. When a casino offers wager free spins online, it doesn’t get better than this. This means you can straightway withdraw your free spin winnings. This is the best kind of offer an online casino can produce for its customers. No wonder every gambler gets crazy when they hear about a new casino offering no wager spins or bonuses. 

However, only a few casinos offer this deal. No wager spins financially hurt casinos quite a bit. Then why do some casinos still offer it? That’s an economic benefit consumers get when there is huge competition in a particular market segment. The Internet is filled with online casinos. In order to trump other casinos, some create such user-friendly offers. So, next time you see a deal like this, make sure you try your luck on it. 

How to Check How Much Wager Is Left?

Checking the balance wager is really easy. Just click on the account section and go to the active bonuses menu. There you’ll be able to check the leftover wager, including your available bonus. A handy progress bar will also be there to indicate your progress to meet wager requirements in a simple bar figure. When the bar fills up, you’re ready to make your first withdrawal.

Can You Avoid Wager Requirements?

Not in the long run. If you don’t want to take a headache calculating wager requirements, you can always avoid using the free stuff. However, we don’t recommend it. You will be constrained with the wager calculation. Still, bonuses can boost your bankroll twice or thrice some times. 

This increased capital will last for a long time. If you continue utilising it over and over, you won’t realise when your wager requirements end. Then you will be free to cash out, and it can give you some hefty amount if your luck stays with you during the game.

That’s All!

With the rapid growth in the online gambling marketplace, it’s no surprise that online casinos will come up with clever marketing ploys like free spins to lure new players to their site. So, free spin or welcome bonus offers will only increase in the near future. And it is definitely a win for us.


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