Know about the Famous Singers Who Also Rock at Casinos!

Know about the Famous Singers Who Also Rock at Casinos!

If hitting the right notes is the job of a singer, knowing when to hit them is the job of a gambler. And what lies in the knowledge of hitting the right notes at the right time? Rhythm.

Yes, understanding rhythm is central to the art of music. But it doesn’t end there. When you know the rhythm and everything it stands for, applying it elsewhere is a cakewalk. This is why there’s a trend among famous singers to try out their luck at gambling in land-based casinos or online.

What we mean to say is, it’s not a rule set in stone that those who excel in music could also have an expertise in gambling. But the fact that the knowledge of music yields many more attributes that are required to master gambling. 

So, without any further ado, let’s find out the famous singers who tried to hit the bull’s eye in casinos.

Frank Sinatra

After the casino business was legalized in the 60s, it was a big bang moment for the gambling business. And this is when Frank Sinatra’s famous “Ol’ Blue Eyes” became a chant across all casinos in the US and England. The track used to play on loop till the time it became an exclusively popular song amidst the rich people.

Anyhow, Frank Sinatra, also nicknamed ‘The Voice’ in his early surge of popularity, used to be a regular gambler alongside Martin, Presley, and Davis Junior. It’s this group of 4 young people who collaborated to form a relationship between music and gambling. That’s the tradition that is still followed in the casinos of Vegas. 

And not just this, Sinatra had a thing about trying out his luck in the recently started games or those that were the most trending. Usually, the latest ones were those with the highest risk factors. But Sinatra’s heart knew no bounds.

P. Diddy

  1. Diddy is all about dishing out some awesome love anthems, which you will find humming hours after the party is over! Born and raised in New York, P. Diddy’s tracks have won the fiery hearts of millennials, which comprise the perfect mix of rap, rhythm, and melody. 

But much like Sinatra, Diddy has mastered going to casinos as well. He is an expert in Blackjack and a major risk-taker, which is why he is often found at the tables of high stakes in land-based casinos. 

Harrah’s Atlantic City launched a series of poolside Blackjack tables in 2012, where Diddy was one of the guests of honor and sang at the opening ceremony. What’s more, the blackjack master was the one to inaugurate the first bet on the exquisite series of the newly installed poolside tables.

Gladys Knight

‘Why should boys have all the fun?’ This is what’s evident from the autobiography of a world-famous singer, lyricist, and actress, Gladys Knight. Born in 1952, she’s one of the toughest African-American singers who made a mark amid the rampant racism of American society. But what made her push that hard? 

‘Between Each Line of Pain and Glory,’ Knight’s life story narrates a vivid brainstorming and hard work at every stage that very few can match. But what counts more is brushing up her luck regularly with utmost dedication. She used to be a Baccarat expert for 10 years straight and frequented casinos every other day. 

Gambling changed her life from having helped her develop a fine instinct to taking away almost all her life savings. She claims she had lost everything in this vicious loop, which is one of the reasons she turns her life around once again.

Harry Styles

Like Diddy, Harry Styles is also a huge fan of Blackjack, so much so that he hit up controversy in a Las Vegas casino. For those who aren’t aware, Harry is a part of the famous band ‘One Direction’ and has a deep passion for chilling and playing the big games with the highest stakes.

Unfortunately, back during the time ‘One Direction’ came to the limelight, Styles wasn’t yet 21. And that’s why he was escorted out of the casino. Well, Harry must have known this would happen, but his passion let him try out his luck anyway.


Well, the last on our list is the one and only songwriter, Nelly. Famous in the US for some of the most groovy tracks such as ‘Dilemma,’ ‘The Fix,’ and ‘Heart of the Champion,’ Nelly’s expertise doesn’t just stop at poetry and music. In fact, in 2007, he participated in the main event of the World Series of Poker. Not just that, but also the PokerStars European and Caribbean Adventures has Nelly as their top contender every year.


So, now you understand what lies at the heart of music also lies deep down in the art of gambling. Knowing where to throw the rhythm and where to keep tabs on it is one of the cornerstones of playing in casinos, and that’s what music is all about!


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