How is the Martingale System Used?

Betting Systems and quintessential casino games go hand-in-hand. One of the oldest and popular betting systems includes the Martingale system which is widely used by experts as well as beginners to enhance their gameplay and increase winning odds at casinos. Known as a negative progressive betting pattern, the Martingale System is one of the simplest betting methods to learn and apply. Opposed to other systems that entail detailed mental calculations, this method is a basic one. It was formulated in the 18th Century and named after John Henry Martingale who owned a British gambling house.

How is the Martingale System Used?

The Premise of the Martingale System

Accounted as a negative system, the Martingale System insists players increase their stake upon losing. The theory rests on the assumption that the chance of losing a large amount of money in a row is less and that you will eventually win a round. What appears to be an easy and viable option may not be as foolproof in the long run.

How to Apply the Martingale System in Casino Games?

Mostly used in games that offer even money bets, the Martingale system is primarily applied at the Roulette table. It can also be used in games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. The simple rules of this betting method involve two basic rules. One that suggests players should double the stake each time they lose and secondly, stake a small base amount after every win.

The method works best in the short term and can be advantageous in the long run too if you manage to avoid a series of losses. The challenge is if you face a long streak of losses and this is quite likely to happen at some point of the game. In such an occasion, you might end up losing a chunk of your bankroll. Only if you have an infinite bankroll and the casino you play at does not cap the maximum stake, it could work in your favour at some point. However, both these conditions are irrational. At some point in this betting system, you will always arrive at a point where you feel the cringe because either you will have no money or will not feel the need to wager more than the maximum limit. There is a possibility of cutting your losses and starting all over again but this means that all the profits you earlier counted will have to be done away with. The high risk involved here is one of the biggest shortcomings of the Martingale betting pattern.

Varied Applications of the Martingale System

There are a few popular variations of the Martingale method. The Mini-Martingale suggests limiting the number of times you double your bet so as to prevent the bets from becoming too big. This can also lead you to a losing streak leaving you with no wins. But, you will lose from your bankroll much slower in this variation.

The Reverse Martingale suggests players double up after wins instead of after losses. This can get you decent win amounts if you enter a winning streak. But, you need to stop at a point or else you will end up giving away your profits if you lose even once. Some experts say this is a safer option as compared to the original betting system.

The Grand Martingale suggests players to not only double up the bet amount after a loss but also add an extra amount to it. Doing this can get you more than a single minimum amount each time you land a sequence that brings you a win. However, you can lose at a faster rate when applying this form of Martingale betting system.


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