Mistakes Common To Poker Beginners And How To Avoid Them

Poker happens to be one of the most popular card games around. As such, it is played by lots of folks in most countries, though quite a few of these players tend to be noobs who make a lot of dreadful mistakes. 


Poker is a serious game. As such, any mistake can result in loss of the entire stack. Even a relatively insignificant mistake can have great and unintended consequences.

Most Poker beginners simply do not know any better and simply repeat the same mistakes over and over. Most beginner mistakes in Poker are actually not all that expensive. The fact that they are repeated over and over will, however, result in small losses during every gameplay session, with this making such mistakes expensive over the long term.

The best things Poker players, especially beginners can do is to identify what mistakes they might be making and work to correct them. 

Listed below are the most common mistakes in the game. Check it out and learn a few things.

Living the Poker Life, Mistakes Are Damned

Poker noobs are largely unseasoned about the game they love and hold dear. The most common mistakes these sort of players make are as follows:

  • Anticipating Coin Flips –

    Quite a few beginners try to anticipate coin flips. It seems such ill manners were learned from watching Poker games and tournaments on the telly. Learning the game from watching it on the telly is not the best idea and anticipating coin flips is an even worse idea. No player should ever look for the pre-flip coin. Should an all-in bet be inevitable, the Poker beginner should focus on the following:

  1. coin flip on pairs less than KK
  2. ahead of all no-pair hands
  3. only behind AA and KK, with 3 outs to the latter.
  • Overplaying Fands –

    Overplaying hands is possibly the most common mistake made by beginners. These folks possibly feel invincible and have not yet acquired the wisdom necessary to be flexible during gameplay. As such, just about every beginner refuses to fold any hand or equal their top pair of hands. With time, they will acquire the experience needed to know when to fold and when to stand firm.

  • Drawing on Dangerous Boards –

    Once players have hit the draw, they are required to fund the pot. Money for this can be taken from anywhere on the stack. After hitting the draw, hitting is a terrible thing to happen to the player. Once the player has hit their flush almost everyone will be willing to put their funds into that pot. As such, players should endeavour never to lose good cards once they have acquiesced to the draw.

  • Using Scared Money –

    The bankroll of most noobs is most often on the small side. Such a small bankroll is often referred to as scared money. Noobs using scared money take care of it like it is a living, breathing baby and are absolutely unwilling to risk the whole stack, no matter how massive the potential gain will be. However, being afraid and unwilling to lose the entire bankroll is actually a big mistake. The player using scared money to play will be too cautious and fearful to enjoy the game and is highly liable to lose it all in no time at all despite all precautions. So, when playing and regardless of the bankroll size, noobs should try to be confident and regard losing their bankroll as the price of their getting valuable experience in the game. If they lose it all then so be it.


The game of Poker is as sweet as can be. As such, it tends to draw in lots of players from all walks of life. Some of these players are beginners who know barely enough facts about the game. As to be expected, these beginners tend to make some predictable and often grievous mistakes. These mistakes are, however, easy to avoid and once corrected will have the noobs playing like a pro in no time at all.


Review Name : Mistakes Common To Poker Beginners And How To Avoid Them

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 20/08/2019

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