Most Weird Superstitions Of Slot Machines Believed In The UK

Most Weird Superstitions Of Slot Machines Believed In The UK

Do you know UK slot players and casino gamblers are the most superstitious folks in the world? From turning off and on the light switch before the leaving the house to trying their luck, wearing the same turtleneck, to taking a seat on a specific kind of the chair – there’s absolutely nothing an everyday casino gambler or a player of slots of the UK won’t give a twirl only if the lady luck swings in their favour.

However, the question here arises as to what are the specific reasons behind following such superstitions. You see, since playing slot machines of the UK or anywhere in the country absolutely requires no skill, it becomes essential for the gamblers to only believe in superstition, luck, or destiny, no matter how irrational it is.

While playing slots in the UK, countless gamblers are seen to carry out certain rituals before or during the game. Quite an intriguing topic, right? We bet you wanna know more. In this article, we have curated some common superstitions followed by millions of gamblers of slots in the UK. We will also help you evaluate whether there are any merits to the practices, or they are just simply myths. Thus, without any further delay, let’s get started, shall we?

Standing Up

Now, not only in the UK, there remains a common belief all across the world that there are higher chances of winning if you keep standing in a casino. The reason behind this is that some players do believe that if you keep sitting, slot machines have the power to figure out that you have become incredibly comfortable. Thus, it provides you with a losing streak as the chances are that you would get bored and move to another slot game.

But, what they fail to understand is that every spin is merely a random event. As such, it does not matter whether you are standing, sitting, or even lying down in front of the machine. The chances of winning remain the same! 

The Myth of Hot and Cold Coins

Do you know, like the myth of standing up, many players of slots in the UK believe that one can raise their chances of winning if they utilize hot coins? Hence, you will see people stroking their coins against their trousers or sleeves before they insert them into the slot of some famous games like the one-armed bandit. On the other hand, some think that they can hit the jackpot simply by inserting cold coins. Whatever it is, it is nothing but a pure myth.

Big Brother Is Watching!

Honestly, casinos do have the ability to keep track of how much money you are winning just by reading the player’s club card. So, while a player’s club card is widely known for its benefits like ample bonuses and countless discounts, many UK slot players consider using the card as bad luck. They primarily fear that if they are winning for a few considerable rounds, the casino owner’s eyes may fall on them. To speak the truth, every pull is completely a random affair, and there is an equal chance of winning in it as compared to the next.

All Blame Goes to the Darn Operators

You must have come across the popular saying “No guts, no glory” in countless war films or NFL games. Still, many of those who play regular slots in the UK believe that if their game is inspected by the operator to assess the guts of the machine, there are no chances of winning for them. These players further go to claim that slot operators also alter the “payout cycle.”

Ever thought why casinos make such a great deal about their openings? Or, why are the old ones so excited about their new slot machines? One simple reason: slot players not only in the UK but all across the world believe new machines offer high chances of hitting the jackpot. Some players also religiously assume that fledgeling slots remain loose for the first couple of days. All these myths could be nothing but farther away from the truth.

Location Is the Key

Go to any casino any day in the UK, and you will find veteran slot players swearing that the location of a machine is crucial to winning. Now that we came to know about it, we also believe there may be a tiny shade of truth in this myth. If the opinion of veterans is to be believed, then casinos actually create excitement among the gamblers by putting the so-called ‘looser’ machines at the entrance. But, we also do believe, finding such machines across the entire casino floor can be a real-life challenge.

Summing it up, the superstitions around slot machines remain endless. Such myths and dark beliefs have always been around since the evolution of mankind and will continue being a major part of this world. However, do remember that although it is incredibly easy to judge or roll your eyes on someone’s superstitions, we must believe that sometimes believing in fate and lady luck does turn the tables in our favour, irrespective of the fact that whether is the science or not!


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