What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

Online casinos are packed with goodies! These can be in the form of slots to casino games and yes, luscious online casino bonuses as well.

There are loads and loads of such casino bonuses floating around, which vary in quantity and quality. Here’s a brief overview of them.

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

Online Casino Bonuses

An online casino bonus provides a way for players to get ahold of some free moolah, just by registering on the site, making a deposit, and then, being permitted to try out one new game or the other. Such bonuses are prominently displayed on the home page of the casino running the bonus or can be found beneath the promo tab.

Online casino bonuses provide a way for players to play the latest game for free without spending a dime. As a result, folks are totally encouraged to keep an eye out for such bonuses and be ready to snap them up whenever they appear.

Types Of Bonuses

The different types of online casino bonuses are as follows:

Welcome Bonus

This type of online casino bonus is easily one of the most common and popular. Welcome bonuses are exclusively oriented to new players and are designed to make them feel right at home. To get ahold of such bonuses, new players are normally required to first make a deposit and only then is the bonus amount made available, with certain wagering requirements being attached.

No Deposit Bonus  

No deposit bonuses essentially lets players try out a casino game for free without being obliged to play for real money. As such, players are offered a certain amount of bonus cash so as to test out the features of one game or the other. Invariably though, players who make use of such online casino bonuses are required to first deposit actual money before they can withdraw any winnings from their no deposit bonus games.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is a great online casino bonus in its own right. This type of bonus is meant for current players rather than newly registered ones and involves such players making a deposit, with the casino running the promo matching this to a certain extent. Such bonuses come with rollover requirements that must be met before all wins from such bonuses can be retrieved.

Game-Specific Bonus – These type of online casino bonuses are directly connected to a distinct game or title. Usually, such online casino bonus is offered for slots like Berryburst or one particular casino table game or the other. To access this type of bonus, players must, of course, play the particular game to which it is attached and meet the wagering requirements if any.

Why Online Casino Bonuses Are So Coveted?

There are lots of persuasive reasons for folks to indulge themselves in one online casino bonus or the other. Here are a few such reasons:

  • Extra Funds For Gameplay – From online casino bonuses, casino players can easily get ahold of extra cash that can be used to play a wide variety of games. Such cash comes at no cost.
  • No Initial Investment Needed – Online casino bonuses like the No Deposit Bonus makes it possible for players to play games without investing money at first in the casino concerned.
  • Lots of Goodies – There are bonuses that come with free spins and the like on the best/latest games currently available. This provides a means for players to play the most luscious games around without spending a penny.


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