Knowing The Proper Time To Withdraw Online Casino Wins

There is nothing as thrilling as playing a casino game. Especially when such gameplay is in the best casinos on earth.

Knowing The Proper Time To Withdraw Online Casino Wins

Casinos games come in an infinite array of varieties that cater to all sorts of player preferences. For this and more reasons, they are very popular and a well-regarded means of tapping into some pretty heady thrills.

Yes, playing casino games can be great fun. But what happens when a win is recorded?

Often, folks who record a win for the first time behave like they just won the Euromillions Lottery and scream, cry and yell for all they are worth. And this happens regardless of the actual amount that is won.

Once the shock wears off, the next thing the winners usually think of is whether to withdraw their wins and paint the town red with it. Alternatively, some wonder whether to leave it -or a portion- in their account and hope that it starts multiplying on its own. 

So, is it right to withdraw wins at once or to leave it in the casino account for time? Is there any risk to withdrawing wins or is it something that should be encouraged? This and more questions will be answered below.

Winners Never Lack: They Just Withdraw

Withdrawing wins might seem like the ideal thing to do. However, there are things to note before such a process is initiated:

  • Speedy withdrawals are not a thing – For starters, withdrawals are usually not instant. Processing them takes time, which can be a day or up to a week. In this period of time, the casinos check out the withdrawal request to ensure that it meets certain standards and that there is actually money in the casino account of the player. Once the withdrawal request has been initiated, it could be up to 5 days before the funds enter the bank account of players. Usually, the funds show up in less than 5 days, especially when E-wallets like Neteller and Payoneer are used. Still, players are advised to budget like 5 days and to contact customer care if the money has not been reflected in their account within that time frame. Some are of the opinion that the lengthy withdrawal period is a scam of sorts perpetuated by casinos, so as to discourage players from withdrawing their wins and to instead keep on playing. While this might be true for shady online casinos, it is not the case with genuine casinos.
  • Planning for the future makes sense – Before withdrawing wins, players should ask themselves if they should withdraw all of it or leave a portion. Withdrawing every penny in an online casinos account makes sense only if a player is done with gambling for good. If on the other hand more gambling is planned for the future, then, it is advisable to leave a portion of wins rather than greedily withdrawing it all. Withdrawing all wins when more gambling is planned for the next week or so is terribly inconvenient, as it forces players to make a deposit whenever they wish to play an online game or two. 
  • The winning plan – For the best experience, players are advised to carefully plan all their withdrawals ahead of time and then rigorously stick to the schedule. Putting together a withdrawal plan does not require the use of much brain matter. It is instead astoundingly simple and easy to do and can be implemented either weekly or monthly. With such a plan in place, players are able to know ahead of time on which days they are supposed to make a withdrawal and how much they should withdraw. This is incredibly convenient.
  • Old and new – Should players feel the need to switch casinos for any reason, they must not forget to first empty out their account in the old casinos. Once the old account has been emptied in totality, only then can a new account be opened in a new casino. More, the funds in the old casino can be used to fund the account of the new casino. Should this be done, there will be no need for folks to set aside funds for opening a new casino account, which is quite convenient. However, switching funds from an old casino account to a new one might result in players being temporarily lacking funds in both casino accounts. This can be frustrating but is thankfully only temporarily. Worth noting is that leaving some funds in an old casino account might not be a bad thing after all. When this is done, players can from time to time log into their old casino account and have the feel of those online slots and casinos games that deliver a sweet nostalgic fun.

The Withdrawal Story

Wins and losses are an inescapable part of the gameplay and they can seemingly overrun the emotions sometimes. Players for some reasons prefer leaving a portion of the wins sitting pretty in their online casino account.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to every course of action. With that being the case, readers should try not to worry about their withdrawal habits. As long as it makes them feel and look good and works for them, then, any course of action is acceptable. As is playing casino games to the fullest limit. 


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