Tips for Playing Slot Machines at Online and in a Land-Based Casino

The online slot games are no doubt gripping as they provide the players with a mesmerising gaming experience by offering high-quality graphics, engaging storylines and stunning sound effects. Besides these, the slot games also offer the players with rewarding bonuses, promotions, freebies and tournaments on a wide variety of games. Nevertheless, there are a few important points to be kept in mind while playing slot machines in both online or a land-based casino. Let us take a look.

Tips for Playing Slot Machines at Online and in a Land-Based Casino

Playing Slot Machines: Online Casinos VS Real Casinos

The below-mentioned points substantiate the pros and cons of playing in an online and brick and mortar casinos.

Highest Denomination Slot Machines Offer the Best Payouts

This is because the total money in a slot game goes into the higher-denomination slot machines even though there are fewer players and this allows the casinos to give a better return percentage. When playing slot machines at the maximum number of credits, you can find payback odds of almost 100%. The same rule holds true for jackpots as well. The more credits you play, the higher will be the jackpot-return and bigger will be the credits. For example, if you play two coins and hit a jackpot for a return of 1,000 coins, a three-coin play can win 4,000 coins on the same jackpot.

The Odds of Hitting Progressive-Linked Jackpots Does Not Change

This holds true irrespective of the casino you are playing at. The reason being the casino and the slot machine software enterprise share in the profits and both require uniform odds so that there is no imbalance of slot players from casino to casino in any given casino area. However, there are differences in odds between progressive-linked slot machines from one gaming area to another. So, do check out.

Online Slots and Progressive Jackpots Generally Offer Better Payout Returns

The online slot operators do not have sufficient income costs to maintain their machines like how the brick and mortar casinos do. There are also more types of online slots and progressive jackpots online, however, they do not offer enticing visuals and sound effects like how that land-based slot machines do. Many of the avid players don’t mind a slightly lower payout rate in real casinos because they prefer to indulge in a more lively and exciting gaming platform.

Slot Players Receive Both Cash and Credits

An online slot player receives benefits in the form of cash and casino credits only. There are no dinner comps, free hotel rooms or anything else that is offered in the physical world of land-based casinos. For the avid gamblers, the cash and casino credits suit better. But for those players who like gambling while on holiday, the various casino comps are more appealing which are offered by selected casinos only.

No Biases Take Place in a Slot Machine

Be it online or land-based casino, you are sure to feel safe while playing the various slot games as the outcome of the game is based on the Random Access Generator (RNG) which is monitored and examined by the third parties from time to time.

Misrepresentations of Slot Machines

There have been reports of incidents of false advertising and misrepresentation of slot-payoff return, but it is to be noted that these kind of incidences are usually minor and not considered real cheating. Players who are concerned about this should ensure that they understand correctly what the casino is offering and then make sure whether the casino complies to it in all respects.


Review Name : Tips for Playing Slot Machines at Online and in a Land-Based Casino

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 23/04/2019

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