Scandals That Shook the Gambling World

Betting online or offline is not a new topic as it has turned out to be the most effective way for an individual to spend his or her free time. Over the web gambling for your favourite sport or poker is considered safe and secure since most of the sites which provide such facilities are SSL protected. In recent times, the market value of Asian betting industry has reached a couple of billion dollars. Though the betting industry claims about the fair play, various individuals develop shady schemes to breach the system and gain profit at the expense of others.


Tour of Partouche Poker

In 2010, Ali Tekintamgac was booked on the charges of implementing complicated cheating scheme against Tour of Partouche Poker. Ali was planning to give rise to a gambling scandal a couple of years before the tour. As per the shady scheme, Ali had formulated spotters’ team who would disguise as reporters and would access his table. Then these spotters made Ali aware of the cards of other players which would provide him with aid in playing safely. Before Ali made his way to the last table everything was revealed and he got disqualified.

Football Betting Scandal

Back in 2009, a gambling scandal in European football was conducted. As per the reports, nearly about 200 different football matches were manipulated, people who were involved in the scandal had bribed officials, players, and coaches. Milan, as well as Ante Sapina, were arrested and were charged with fraudulent activities. Due to fraudulent activity, more than 9 million Euros were collected.

The Scandal of Nba Betting

The National Basketball Association got involved in the gambling scandal in the year 2007. During that year, the referee of NBA named Tim Donaghy was involved in betting on the game after using his knowledge about the relationship between team players, referees, and coaches. The Federal Bureau of Investigation further revealed that Donaghy was involved in gambling during 2005-06 match tournaments in which he was a referee.

Football Scandal of South Korea

During the mid of 2011 K-league, which was considered as the best football league in South Korea, was involved in a gambling scandal. Two players were also involved in the scandal. They were later banned to represent South Korea in the field of football. Several brokers and financers were either fined or were sent to prison or both for a period ranging from a year and a half to 7 years.

Black Friday

During the year 2011, in America, an online gambling scandal took place which shook many betters. On April 11, 2011, the US government indicted three online casinos in the country and charged them for violating UIGEA norms and conducting illegal gambling. Poker Stars, Absolute Poker as well as Full-Tilt Poker were the sites which were involved in such fraudulent activities.

As a penalty, Poker Stars had to pay $731 million for full repayment of their national and international customers. Contrary to this, Absolute Poker and Full-Tilt Poker lost their business as they were unable to repay to their customers.

Card Counting Team of Mit

In the 80s, J.P. Massar, as well as Bill Kaplan, made a team which had to count cards while playing Blackjack in casinos. The team comprised of students who belong to MIT, Harvard as well as several other premium colleges in the US. The team used several methods for card counting so that they don’t get caught during the event. Most of the team members concealed their true identity.

Poker Series Betting Scandal

Russ Hamilton started an online Poker business but he used a super player on the site due to which he was able to see the cards of several players. Then, in 2008 complaints were registered against Russ Hamilton that he indulged in an online Poker fraud. In reality, Hamilton had 4 separate accounts from where he used to play against users who play high bet and steal their money with ease.

During 2004-08 Russ Hamilton had accumulated $20 million due to online forgery. Few other names were also revealed by Russ those involved in the act. The present scenario is a correct vindication that even some of the foolproof systems of online betting can steal a considerable amount of money from users.


Review Name : Scandals That Shook the Gambling World

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 22/08/2019

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