Slots Machines for Different Kinds of People

Slot machines have become popular over time. Seasoned slot machine players know exactly which slot machines to choose when playing. However, newbies might not know which ones suit them. The mechanics and certain aspects of gameplay are the same, but slots machines have different variants. This article explains the different types of slots machines. Take a look!

Slots Machines for Different Kinds of People

Types of Slot Machines

The general rule of thumb for landing wins in slot machines is to land similar symbols on an active payline. There are other rules that add to this; that’s why there are different types of slots machines, but the basics are the same. The different variants make the game interesting to different players. They are based on the number of reels, location: land or online, loose or tight, progressive or flat top, video slots, pokies, #D Slots, AWP or SWP Slots.

Number of Reels

One parameter that differentiates slots machines is the number of reels. The 5-reel slot machine is the most popular type and is the second iteration after the original classic slot that featured three reels. The 5-reel slot machine has advanced with time and now features cascading reels and colossal reel slots. Others slot machines have up to 15 reels.


With regards to paylines, there are two types of slots: single-line and multi-line slots. The single-line slot, as the name suggests, features one payline while multi-line slots have more than one payline. Single-line slots significantly lower your chances of winning while multi-lines increase your probability of landing a winning combination per spin.

Loose and Tight Slot Machines

Loose slots have an RTP (Return to Player) of 97% or higher, which pays back over long periods. Tight slots have an RTP of 94% or lower.

Land-Based, Online and Fruit Machine Slots

Land-based slots are found in brick and mortar casinos. Fruit machine slots are fruit-themed slots while online slots integrate the two, are played on computers and are powered using the internet.

Video Slots

Video slots are, presently, the standard slot machines. They are slots that have more than three paylines and offer more entertainment by using beautiful animations, intricate graphics, and background music to offer a holistic experience. They also have bonus features and free spins that spice things up.

Flat-Top and Progressive Slots

Winnings on flat-top slots are capped at a certain amount, while in progressive slots, the maximum payout is not capped. This is made possible by one or multiple jackpots that increase your chances of winning as you progress with the game.


Pokies is the Australian name for fruit slot machines.

3D Slots

In 3D slots, symbols and features appear in 3D and not in two dimensions as is the case with most slots. They still follow the basic rules of slot machines but offer a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.

AWP and SWP Slots

AWP and SWP slots are rare to come around. Online slots played in an arcade or brick and mortar casino are known as Amusement with Prize or Skill with Prize slots. They are tweaked to offer low payout and require a certain level of skill to land winnings.

Choose Your Best-Fit Slot Machine

Having fully understood the different types of slot machines and their rules, get right into the thick of things on your favourite online casino today! Hurry!


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