The Magic Of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are ubiquitous in the world of online slots. For most online slot players, the game well might cease to have much meaning if for some reason all software providers choose to eliminate wild symbols from their varied creations.

The Magic Of Wild Symbols

Yes, wild symbols are very popular. So popular are wild symbols that just about every online slot on the market has them. Some slots are even equipped with different types of wild icons, with these wilds helping make gameplay a righteous blast and something worth remembering.

Want to learn more about the wilds and how they impact gameplay? Read on.

Hear the Wild Truth

Wild symbols are of course familiar to anyone who has ever played online slots. Still, we will describe what these icons are all about.

Now, the wild icons are special icons that aim to replace every other standard icon so as to enhance winning chances. They are something of a joker card but are not normally dressed up in funny costumes.

Wild icons as stated take the place of every other icon in view. They are however incapable of replacing scatter icons and that is as it should be.

Still, it is worth noting that gameplay rules differ from slot to slot. With that being the case, players of all stripes are well-advised to check out the paytable, so as to know for certain the role of the wild icon and all other featured icons.

Occasionally, scatter icons are referred to as free spins/bonus icons. It is also possible that the wild icon is restricted to appearing on certain reels. Information pertaining to this is listed on the paytable and that is why it is always important to consult the paytable before spinning up a slot.

Wild and Loving It

So, how exactly does wild symbol work? Well, that is simple in the extreme.

Say, a player has spun up the reels of an online slot. Lady Luck then decides to bless the player by enabling the appearance of some identical icons on the reels, in addition to the wild icon.

Such an occurrence calls for a celebration, as a winning combo has just been formed. 

Apart from appearing as an identical icon in company with other identical icons, the wild icon is usually the icon with the highest value. As a result, players tend to celebrate the appearance of the wild symbol on the reels as they know that it will lead to enhanced payouts.

Going Fully Wild with Wild Symbols

As already stated, there are multiple wild icon variants floating around. There are slots with just one wild icon, while others come equipped with no less than 4 to 6 wild icons of varying abilities and capabilities.

Examples of the wild symbols in active operation include Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Transferring Wilds, Stacked Wilds and Shifting Wilds. These wilds are not identical in function but do boast a thing or two in common. Their appearance on the reels is totally random and they replace every other icon except the scatter so as to enhance winning chances.

Expanding Wilds, for example, expand in place and immensely boost winning chances. Sticky Wilds are locked in place for the duration of a spin or bonus round and make it easier to form wins. Stacked Wilds appear in stacked format for enhanced winning possibilities, while Walking Wilds walk from one end of the reel to another.

The rest of the wild symbols listed above change positions when needed for greater winning chances. 


Wild symbols are special icons that are tasked with replacing standard icons and making better winning chances. They can be found in practically every online slot in existence, come in varied flavours, spice up the gameplay and keep players hollering for more of the same.


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Published Date : 09/07/2019

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