The Present And Future Of UK Gambling

Most blokes in the UK think nothing of nipping out to buy a scratch card or going online to bet on everything and anything. The UK has one of the most robust gambling industries on earth, as well as one of the biggest. Gamblers in the country can play just about any game they fancy, be it slots, table games, keno and more.


Now that we have established that gambling is a big thing in the UK, we will detail the biggest trends in the UK gambling sector. Read on fellas to know more about it.

The Key Trends In Uk Gambling 2018

While it might not be immediately apparent, everything in this world is in constant motion. That includes the UK gambling sector, which has long been undergoing some eye-popping changes.

For instance, the development of new and more attractive games, as well as improved gambling platforms has made gambling much more convenient and accessible. This has resulted in a massive growth of the UK gambling populace.

The UK gambling report for 2018 has long been made accessible to the public. Here are the most impressive things to be found on it:

The majority of British gamblers are young fellas of around 25 to 34 years.

  • Over a one month period, around 43% of all Brits gambled in some form.
  •  Around 96% of all UK gambling is done at home and from a PC or mobile device.
  •  Of all the UK gambling sectors, sports betting has experienced the biggest popularity increase. From 2015 to now, sports betting recorded a popularity growth of 3.1%, which
    is more than respectable.

Youngbloods Take Over Uk Gambling

While a surprising number of middle-aged blokes gamble, the latest data conclusively shows that gambling is becoming a popular hobby of the young. Proof of this can be seen in the fact that for 2018, around 75% of all UK gamblers were 16 to 34 years old.

Due to the explosion of gambling among the young fellas, most software providers, casino operators and the like are now optimising their products and services to cater to the tastes of the younger section of the populace. This optimisation can be seen in the fact that most recently released slots and casino table games are themed around video games and pop culture themes that young fellas are known to love to the bone. Also, quite a few sportsbook sites now run promotions aimed at young folks, using celebrity ambassadors and disruptive marketing tactics to make their presence felt.

The results of this youth optimisation can be easily seen, with online slots and sportsbooks recently enjoying some impressive growth.

Mobile Gaming Continues To Boom

For quite a few years, the mobile gambling sector has been expanding at breakneck speed. As of now, mobile gambling is the most popular gambling medium in the UK.

In 2018, 55% of the UK gamblers choose to gamble and have fun on their mobile devices. This contrasts with 23% who choose to utilise their PCs and laptops for gambling-related activities.

According to reports, in 2018 over 44% of all gamblers at one time or the other gambled on their mobile devices. This is a 5% growth from what was recorded in 2017.

Lots of reasons can be adduced for the widespread acceptance of mobile gambling in the UK. For starters, gambling on mobile is possibly the easiest thing in the world to do. It is also very convenient, which means that mobile gamblers can access any casino game or slot of their choice, regardless of their physical location.

The convenience of mobile gambling is, however, not the main reason for its popularity. It turns out that most UK gamblers now prefer to gamble at home.

Toting around a PC or laptop for this task is a thankless endeavour. Using a mobile device, on the other hand, make a lot more sense, as the small nature of these devices mean they can be taken anywhere in the home. Thus, it is not uncommon for the UK gamblers to gamble in the attic, garden, bath and even the toilet.


UK gambling trends provide a fascinating look into the UK gambling market. Mobile devices appear to be taking over, with the youth being committed to gambling like never before.


Review Name : The Present And Future Of UK Gambling

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 27/08/2019

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