Things To Do When The Casino Refuses To Honour Wins

Now, online casinos as a matter, of course, offer a very exciting array of games. These range from scratch cards, table games like Baccarat and Poker, Keno, to Bingo and yes, online slots too. Accessing these and other games and hopefully winning is why most folks regularly visit casinos, which is perfectly understandable.


When folks record wins at casino games, they might shout, dance, scream, roll on the floor and more depending on the amount won and the personality of the player. This is human nature and is of course understandable.

Still, winning is only the first part. The hard part is getting access to what was won.

Some casinos intentionally make the withdrawal process as convoluted, frustrating and exhausting as can be. This is intended to make players abandon attempts to withdraw their wins and instead gamble it away. Then there are casinos that for one reason or the other just refuse to pay out wins.

When wins are denied players for no defensible reason, do they have some recourse? Of course yes! Read on for things you can do when casinos blatantly refuse to honour their obligations.

Casino Wins Are As Sweet As Can Be

There are actually a few cogent reasons why casinos might refuse to honour their payout obligation. Still, it is common for a few disreputable casinos to knowingly delay the withdrawal of wins while hoping that the player will get bored with the lengthy withdrawal process and gamble away what was won. While this is faintly dishonest, it is not actually illegal, especially, if the player read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Other reasons why a withdrawal might be refused are as follows:

  • Too Much Or Too Little Money-

    Winners are usually very excited about a win. It is often the case that this excitement makes them forget or ignore the withdrawal limits stated by the casinos. As such, they often initiate a withdrawal and enter a sum that is either above or below the minimum or maximum withdrawal limits. So, it is important for winners to first checkout the least and highest amounts they can withdraw and to remember that this might vary according to the withdrawal method chosen.

  • Unfulfilled Wagering Requirements-

    Wagering requirements are the bane of players everywhere. They are usually attached to bonuses and serve to ensure that players do not abuse the bonus process. Before processing a withdrawal, the wagering requirements on all bonuses must be met. These wagering requirements are usually not exorbitant but must be fulfilled before wins can be completed.

  • Id Verification –

    By far the most legitimate reason why a withdrawal process is not completed is that the player has not verified his/her ID. All online casinos are by virtue of existing gambling laws and require to know the real identity of their customers. This helps to prevent fraud and money laundering. So, for a withdrawal request to be processed, winners should present some identifying documents to the casinos. This might take the form of valid identification, proof of address and an image of the E-wallet or card that was originally used to fund the online casino account. ID verification will take a few days at the most and is vital.

Getting Winnings The Hard Way

There are times when customers are blocked from accessing their wins despite complying with the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, fulfiling the wagering requirements and presenting valid means of identification. Should this happen it is time to take the hard route.

This requires taking pictures of the online casino account, the playing history and transaction history. Also important is proof that the customer has been in contact with the casino. With all this evidence in place, legal action can be taken if needed.

The next thing to do is to visit the customer service section of the online casino concerned and demand a convincing explanation as to why withdrawals are being blocked. If the explanation given is not satisfactory or is abusive, evasive and non-committal, it is time to escalate and lodge a public complaint.

Public Complaints Work Wonders

There is no business that loves getting publicly called out. This damages their standing, reputation and value and well might discourage future and present clients.

With this being the case, the complainant should strive to openly, stridently and persuasively complain about the deplorable antics of the casino that is wasting his time and refusing to pay off wins. This complaint can be made both on popular gambling forums and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

On these two sites, formal complaints can be easily registered. Since casino representatives have direct access to these two sites, chances are that the bad publicity being generated will spark a rush to pay out the withheld wins.

Using A Complaint Tool

There are some nifty complaint tools available. One of these is Resolver and is meant for UK players. Complaint tools are useful as they make it much easier to make formal complaints. They are free, easy to use, proven to work and could roll out any misbehaving casino.

The Gambling Commission Takes Over

If all the steps detailed above fails to work and the casino sticks to its gun, there is only one remaining thing players can do is to quit. The heavy artillery is the UK Gambling Commission and the mere fact that the player is making formal complaints to them is usually more than enough to scare some sense into all misbehaving casinos.

Should the UK Gambling Commission find that wins are being illegally withheld, it can fine, sanction or revoke the license of the casino responsible.


Wins make the world go around sweeter and are much coveted. There are, however, times when a casino might refuse to pay out wins. This might be due to legal or dishonest reasons, but there is a range of effective steps that players can take to remedy the situation.


Review Name : Things To Do When The Casino Refuses To Honour Wins

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 29/08/2019

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