Top 5 Unsolved Dark Mysteries of Casinos- You should Read Right Away!

Top 5 Unsolved Dark Mysteries of Casinos- You should Read Right Away!

Who doesn’t love gambling at the online casino? Honestly, everybody does. In fact, like countless popular tourist destinations, there exist many places in this world that have become solely famous for their casinos.

People from all over the map flock at these places only to try out their luck at their favourite game. Some end up being multimillionaires, however, most drown themselves in financial peril. But believe it or not; that’s not the only disadvantage of online or any casino. Beyond all the bright lights of hope and thrill that is promised, most of us hardly realize that there are innumerable mysteries surrounding casinos that remain unresolved till the present day.

If you are an arduous fan of mysteries, murders, disappearances, or successful heists, then, you would absolutely love reading this article. Here we have brought forth for you a list of five mysterious tales from the dark world of the casino that will leave you stupefied.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. The Bill Brennan Heist (1992)

Do you know robbing is one of the most difficult stunts to pull off in a casino, mainly due to the umpteen security levels? But, this was proved wrong on 22 September 1992, when Bill Brennan managed to walk away with $507,361 in stolen money and chips. He was a sportsbook cashier at the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

It was believed that he became successful as he kept track of the security systems beforehand to avoid getting caught on the surveillance footage. He was immediately listed on the Most Wanted List of CBI, but the cops had no proof against him, and he vanished completely into thin air.

2. The Jodie Bordeaux Murder Case (1997)

On November 21, 1997, a tragedy struck near Powhattan in Kansas. Jodie Bordeaux, a seven-month pregnant woman, was shot in the head by an unknown man. While there were numerous suspects linked to Jodie’s murder, the husband Shawn Bordeaux suspected that someone at the Golden Casino where they worked was responsible for her untimely death.

Taken into consideration that this casino was native-owned, several employees weren’t happy with Jodie’s promotion. One of the main causes being she was a Native American. Few days before her death, she also received threatening calls from an unknown person. Till today, despite the mysterious circumstances, Jodie’s murder remains unsolved.

3. The Trevor Angell Disappearance Mystery (2000)

In 2000, while working as a truck driver, Trevor set off on a trip between the US and Canada. During his last shipment duty, he called his wife, saying that he hadn’t slept for four consecutive days. He was also thinking of quitting after delivering the last order.

On September 22nd, he had a conversation in the early hours with the dispatcher, the last time he spoke to anyone before his disappearance. After a few days, his empty wallet was recovered from the front seat of his truck, which was found abandoned at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Nevada. It was also found that someone used his ATM card nine times in a row to draw out his paycheque. Unconfirmed sightings of him were recorded for a year, but authorities failed to find him so far.

4. The Disappearance of George Tsolakis (1992)

With neck-deep debts of $200,000, George Tsolakis was already in a poor financial condition. On a night, he informed his wife over the phone that he was returning from a Connecticut sports club. However, he never showed up. Later on, his car was recovered from the parking lot of a casino he visited frequently. Countless people claimed to have seen him last in the casino, but never saw him leaving. Two decades have passed since this incident, and to date, he is still yet to be found. 

5. Gail Ann Thompson Murder Case (1996)

In 1996, Gail Thompson went for a mini-vacation with his husband Bobby to gamble at the Cactus Pete’s Resort and Casino in Nevada. While Bobby went back to the room, Gail continued betting. Soon Bobby realized that Gail never returned. Few days passed, and Gail was found abandoned in a parking lot with her throat slit and skull crushed brutally. Many discrepancies were found linked to this case, including the speculation that Bobby was never worried about his wife’s death. But, the case remained unsolved as Bobby passed away in 2000 and took the secrets of Gail’s death with him to the grave.

Shocked after going through these dark tales? Or saying, thank God for I only bet at online casino games? Really, there is no reason to be relieved. Even online casino games carry the risk of major criminal activities like payouts not being fair and open, being used by vulnerable people, etc. Be it the formidable land casinos or online games, remember gambling is addictive, and you need to know when to stop. Rest, just relax and have fun!


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Published Date : 30/04/2020

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