What to Do If Your Online Casino Account Is Blocked?

What to Do If Your Online Casino Account Is Blocked?

Playing games at your favourite online casino is always fun that you cannot deny until you’re experiencing any issues or difficulties. The most common and frequent issue in online casinos is the ‘account blocking issue’. If you have already faced such problems, then you might know well, how bad it feels. But you need not worry anymore as today, we’re going to have a thorough discussion on this. So, let’s dig in deep so that you can stay confident in order to resolve such worrying issues.

Don’t Panic If the Account Is Blocked

If you are really getting a sudden error message from your casino gaming app that is claiming that your account is blocked then it is something that you just cannot ignore. You have to give importance to this as you might have your hard-earned money there in the account that you might own the last day. 

The most probable reason for the error message could be your online casino account is blocked for some reason, and you may not be able to login to your account again until it is unblocked. In such scenarios, if you get panic, then the problem can be more complicated for you. So, don’t just panic, rather stay calm and try to identify the probable reason in order to get the issue resolved.

The Probable Reasons for Online Casino Account Blocking

There are several reasons for which your online casino account can be blocked. The very first step that you can take to unblock your account is to identify the real reason. Once you get the exact cause, the rest task towards resolving could be much easier for you.

Repeated Failed Login Attempts

The repeated failed login attempts are the most common reason for which your account can be blocked. If you enter the wrong credentials repeatedly for a few times, then the service provider can block your account due to security reasons. 

Validation Issue

Another common reason is if you request for withdrawal without submitting the authentic documents to the casino service provider within the specified time. Apart from that, it can also happen that the information you have entered is not matching with the documents you have submitted. In such scenarios, your account can be blocked. 

Breaching of the Terms and Conditions

Breaching the terms and conditions may lead to blocking your online casino account. Therefore, you have to be a little cautious in taking good care of all the said terms and conditions and make sure that you are not violating any of them.

Multiple Accounts Detected

One individual casino player cannot have multiple accounts in the same casino. If multiple or duplicate accounts are detected, the service provider may block their account for security reasons at any point in time. A duplicate account can be traced very easily through the IP address.

Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity Detected

Your online casino account can also be blocked if any fraudulent or suspicious activity is traced out. As the casino accounts are highly associated with monetary transactions. Hence, service providers are very sensitive to this particular issue.

Underage Gambling

If you are too young to play casino games, then your account can be blocked. Therefore, make sure that you have got a permissible maturity to play online casino games as per your jurisdiction. Otherwise, your account may be blocked for violating rules.

Steps to Unblock Your Online Casino Account

There are several steps you can take in order to get your casino account unblocked once you traced out the real reason.

By Calling Customer Support:

However, once you get the reason, the first thing you could do is to call up the customer service of that specific casino and seek assistance from them to unblock the account by following their instruction. They may ask you to wait for a specific time to resolve the issue.

By Writing Emails:

If you are not willing to call them up and want to get in touch with them through emails, you can do that as well. In this scenario, you can have the written records of the whole communication for further reference. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you now know the most common reasons for blocking an online casino account and the solutions as well. The mentioned reasons are not obvious, but they are persistent. So, if your online casino account is blocked then don’t just panic instead try to know the reason and follow the steps to get your account unblocked.


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