Why Choose Progressive Jackpots?

One of the key benefits of choosing progressive jackpots over other casino games is that progressive jackpots offer the players with a handsome payout which gradually increases over time. Additionally, the games of this nature enable the players to maximise their bankroll expeditiously.

Why Choose Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots comprise of wagered bets which are in turn added to the growing jackpot. This offers a maximum payout to the players during a win. A progressive jackpot increases every time the game is played and until a player claims the prize.

Did you know?

The history of today’s best-loved progressive jackpot dates back to the 1800s when the first ever slot machine was developed by Brooklyn-based company, Sittman and Pitt in 1891.

Popularly referred to as the inventor of the first slot machine, Charles Fey created the first machine that actually allowed automatic payouts. To achieve this, he simplified the machine’s method of reading a win by replacing the original 5 drums with 3-reels and replacing the playing cards with 5 symbols. These symbols were: heart, diamond, spade, horseshoe and a liberty bell. This machine was then named as “The Liberty Bell”, the highest payout comprising of 3 bell symbols. It became hugely popular and was copied and re-manufactured by many other slot machine companies.

Benefits of Playing Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games offer the players with a plethora of benefits which include:

  • The higher the prize of the jackpot, the greater is the odds of a win. This certainly gives the players a boost to play the game and also improve their bankroll.
  • With progressive jackpots, there is no fear of emptying your wallet as the jackpot keeps increasing regardless of whether the player is engaged in playing the game or vice-versa.
  • Also, progressive jackpots are instant. They do not require a combination of symbols to win the game like in slot games. And this feature adds more excitement and thrill to the game.
  • A few games also offer the players with multiple progressive jackpots which provides them with a platform to increase their odds effortlessly.

The Uniqueness of Progressive Jackpot Games

Whatever you decide to explore be it slots, table games or video poker, nothing equalises the experience of progressive jackpot games. Wondering why? Because they help the players in increasing their earning potential to a large extent. Besides these, the players can explore these games from the comforts of their home, instantly, on multiple gaming platforms including PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad, without having to journey to a land-based casino.

Whether you choose to play slots, poker, blackjack or roulette, placing a bet on a progressive jackpot can certainly help you improve your odds. Well, if you are apprehensive about betting online, start off with a simple slot game that does not require any analytical skill or logic. You can enjoy the convenience of gambling anywhere, anytime and you don’t have to evaporate your bankroll in the process.

The Functioning of Progressive Jackpots

When you play the big progressive jackpots online, there are often a group of casino games that are linked to the same prize pool. This means that the larger number of players playing on each different game will contribute to the jackpot amount much faster.

This goes for shared casino jackpots too. There can also be a group of casinos that are sharing the same progressive jackpot through one or more games as well. The reason they are called “Progressive Jackpots” is that they keep on growing until someone gets that highly sought-after winning combination. And these prize pools really do grow rapidly. This is the appeal of progressive jackpot games. The competition is quite high but so are the rewards that follow. The Random Number Generators (RNGs) ensure that the players always have a fair chance of striking lucky when they are trying to grab the jackpot.


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