Why Losing The Tables at Gambling Are Still Delightful!

Why Losing  The Tables at Gambling Are Still Delightful!

People do not like to lose, whether in life or games. But gambling is one of the few activities that people play even after losing. Well, there are two types of bettors in particular. One who believes that they will eventually beat the house edge by using strategies and techniques, but end up losing much more money. And then there are those elite gamblers who know that losing is part and parcel of gambling. Without losing money, one cannot hit the jackpot, and it’s the truth. Even if you’re a genius or a very lucky person, there will be those days when you could end up losing a lot.

A question might arise here that, even if they know that they are going to lose their money, why are they coming back again and again? Don’t they have value for money? Do they want to be rich through gambling?

Well, according to some recent studies, the answer is undoubtedly very much simpler than one might think it to be. 

Adrenaline Rush: the Natural Hormone of Excitement

Well, it’s not a drug that is being offered by the casino! But something very much similar. Before getting into what the casinos have to do with a hormone, we have to know what this hormone does in our body. The “stress” hormone, which is produced during an unsolicited situation and produced during the “fight or flight” situation. This hormone increases the heart rate and produces a kind of “buzz,” which the human mind generally connects to thrill and excitement. Things become much more interesting when we get this same adrenaline rush. When we lose at gambling and not in some small amount but huge amounts of adrenaline are secreted.

As much as it is bad, it’s hard to state the difference between healthy gambling and problematic gambling. It differs from person to person depending upon their spending limits, which could be hard to know. But a person who is addicted to the world of gambling just because of fun and excitement can be termed as an “Adrenaline Junkie.” Because their immediate motive is not to earn money but the excitement of thrill, they get out of gambling, whether it be by losing or winning.

Escapism: the Ultimate Motive

Now, as far as the experts are involved, the ultimate motive of most of the gamblers are to escape their real-life issues and hurdles in life and get a sense of joy and entertainment in their life. Well, there is more than a motive which surpasses money that pulls the people towards gambling. Some have even taken it up professionally because they say it gives them a sense of joy and is far more exciting than any other job at multinational companies.

Gambling should be taken as a form of entertainment, and we can extract many things from it whether or not we win a jackpot. Gambling gives chills by letting people make their destiny take control over them as none of us have any control over the roll of dice or the picking up of cards or knowing what cards others have. This gives a sense of excitement and carelessness in today’s formal lifestyle of the people.

Final Thoughts

Gambling should be enjoyed whether or not a person wins, as winning should not be the main motive at any game, but enjoying should be! Gambling cannot be won through any practice but could improve the players’ understanding of the game. One should have a sense of when to stop at a game; otherwise, it might be harmful. An adrenaline rush is very natural yet very addictive and detrimental because it can lead to a false sense of achievement, so a person should not forget his position and back off when needed. Because being safe is better than being sorry, and too much of something is not good at all.


Review Name : Why Losing The Tables at Gambling Are Still Delightful!

Author : Aaron Cooper

Published Date : 30/05/2020

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