Indian Horse Race – Horse Race Betting Tips & Tournaments


Horse Racing has prevailed in India since the British rule and it’s not new for horse lovers and gamblers to bet on horses at the plush racecourses across Indian cities. Other than lotteries, betting on horse races at the derby is indeed one of the few legalized sports betting activities in India premised on the fact that it is a skill-based sport rather than being a chance-based sport.

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Betting On Indian Horse Race

For Indian bettors who wish to ascertain if it’s safe to gamble on horses in India, OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots has compiled all the basic information on horse race betting so that bettors don’t get disillusioned with incomplete information on gambling on this sport. The site only lists the best horse betting sites which are licensed, safe and secure offering gamblers a reliable betting environment to play comfortably. After all, bettors must not land into rogue sites that rob them of their hard-earned money in the name of betting. These recommended sites are all top-notch sites offering premium horse racing and betting experience to players keen on betting with money.

Players can also engage in fun play at the premium sites which allows betting with fun money to start with. Regulated by the Turf Department authorities, betting on horses has been managed by the body that supervises close to 9 racecourses in India. The department is also responsible for conducting as well as managing different horse racing events and tournaments. Indian bettors can find the latest details on various competitions and events at top horse racing events via the best-rated sites recommended by OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots. With authentic information, one can stake actual money fearlessly and make comprehensive choices on where to bet, when to bet and how to bet on horse races in India.

Pools Betting vs. Fixed Odds In Horse Betting

While betting on horse races, you have two options: Tote bet or Fixed odds bet. Tote, short for Totalisator, is a computerized form of pool betting. The Tote adds up all the wagers placed by the players, deducts applicable fees and taxes, and divide the proceeds among the winners as their dividend. But since the dividend depends on the number of participating players, the odds vary over time. Before and during a race, the odds associated with will move up and down, showing the current price at any given point.

There are several ways you can place a Tote bet. You can use the hundreds of automated Tote booths at the racecourses, or you can approach a manned Tote window to buy a cash voucher. Regardless of where you place your Tote bet from, all Tote bets are added to the same shared pool.

The other type of bet you can place is the fixed odds bet. Unlike the Tote bet, the odds associated with this bet do not vary. Fixed Odds bets are mostly offered by bookmakers. So if you buy in on a wager with ₹1 that has 5/1 odds, you’ll get ₹5 if you win.

But which of these types of bets is better? It’s not easy to say since there are various factors at play. Most Tote bets start at ₹10. But to bet from a bookmaker, you’ll have to spend at least ₹50. While a pools wager that started out with 5/1 may only give end up giving you 4/1 or 3/1, but a fixed-odds bet will never deliver more than 5/1 even if the pools wager is in the range of 6/1 or 7/1. Before you choose, you should also know that the Government levies more taxes on bookmakers’ bets than what it does on Totes bets.

Types of bets

Whether you’re placing bets Tote or with a bookmaker, the types of bets in India are fairly standard. Read the types of bets listed below and keep them in mind while betting.

  • Win – This horse race bet is made on a particular winner of a specific race. In this, a dividend is paid only by the horse who finishes first. The minimum bet on the Tote is ₹10.
  • Place – This bet pays you if, and when, you correctly choose the highest-ranking horses. However, the number of high ranking positions you’re allowed to choose depends entirely on the number of participants in the race. For example, a race with 8-11 runners allows the selection of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placed horses. However, if there are fewer runners than 8, you may only get to choose the horses that’ll finish first and second. On the other extreme, you may even get to choose a 4th horse if there are more runners.
  • Jodi – While placing a Jodi bet, you get to choose two horses in the race. If either of the horses wins, you’re paid the dividend. The minimum bet amount on the Tote is ₹10. The biggest downside of this bet is that it’s not widely available yet.
  • SHP – SHP stands for Second Horse Pool. This rather unique bet lets you predict the horse that will place second in the race. You’ll lose if the horse places either 1st, 3rd or below.
  • Kenchi – While placing a Kenchi bet, you’ll have to select a horse betting winners in a minimum of three or a maximum of five races. If at least two of the horses win, you’ll get the dividend.
  • Jackpot – considered one of the more difficult horse race bets, you’re supposed to correctly choose the winners of hive different races. If you just miss the mark, that is correctly predict the first four winners and fail in the last one, you’ll get a consolation dividend. Sweet!
  • Super Jackpot – Now this is a high-risk bet. While placing this, you have to select the winners of six different races. If, like the Jackpot bet, you succeed with the first five races and fail with the last one, you’ll get a consolation dividend.
  • Tanala – In this bet, you’re trying to correctly predict the first, second, and third finishers of a single race. If your first place prediction lands correct and the second and third place positions get reversed, you’ll get a consolation dividend.
  • Quinella – A step down from the Tanala, you’re trying to correctly predict the first and second place finishers of a single race in any order.
  • Forecast – A bit more strict than Quinella, you need to predict the first and second place finishers of a single race, in that order.
  • Bar Bet – This wildly unique bet lets you pick a horse that will not win. That is, if any horse other than the selected one wins, you get a dividend.
  • Treble – For the Treble bet, you need to correctly predict the first place winners of three different races. If even one of those horses doesn’t land first, you won’t get the dividend.
  • Accumulator – This is one of the highest stakes horse race bets of all. It’s a multi-race bet in which you select one horse in two to six different races to either Win or Place. If the first selection is correct, your winnings will roll over to the next race. As the selections stay correct, the rollovers will continue until all the selections pay out. However, if even one of your selection fails, you’ll lose the entire wager.

 Horse Racing Events You Can Bet On

  • 1000 Guineas Betting

This event first started back in 1814 as a sister race to the 2000 Guineas race. 100 Guineas Stakes is run on the Sunday that falls right after the 2000 Guineas event. Organized at the Newmarket Racecourse, three-year-old fillies participate in this event. The most recent race in 2019 was won by Hermosa, who handed Aiden O’Brien his fifth win. If you’re thinking of betting on this event, you should definitely keep an eye on his horses.

  • 2000 Guineas Betting

Trust us when we say you do not want to miss out on this horse racing event. It’s one of the biggest horse betting events in the season and has been so since it’s first introduction since 1809. It’s held either at the end of April or at the end of May and is open to three-year-old fillies. This year in 2019, Magna Grecia was the one to win the event with its rider Aiden O’Brien. If this magnificent British horse racing event catches your eye, you should definitely consider betting on O’Brien as he has won this 10 times now, three of which were in the last three years.

  • Indian 1000 Guineas Betting

As evident by its name, this is the Indian version of the 1000 Guineas event. It’s organized every year in December in Mumbai and hosts three-year-old fillies. In 2018, Vishal Gaikwad took home his first victory along with his horse la Rondine. All in all, it’s an event worth watching and betting for every Indian.

  • Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

Another event that was inspired by the classic British event is the Indian 2000 Guineas. Similar to Indian 1000 Guineas, this event is also held in December in Mumbai. However, it accepts both fillies and colts that are three years old. Last year in 2018, the event was won by Sir Cecil trained by Sadakshara Padmanabhan. He has won this event twice now and is definitely a worthy contender if you intend to bet on this event.

  • Indian Derby Betting

This event is inarguably the biggest horse race betting event in India. It was started in 1943 and is held on the first Sunday in the month of February at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. This event only accepts colts and fillies who are four years old. Earlier this year, the Indian Derby event was won by Star Superior handing over Rajesh Narredu his first win. If you’re an Indian horse race bettor, then this race is a must.

The Turf And Races: Indian Horse Race Clubs

Before beginning to stake real money in horse races, Indian players should be well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the sport. OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots provides updated information on the race clubs and the events they participate in. Indian horse race betting enthusiasts can bet on horses participating in events from any of the Turf clubs.

1. Bangalore Turf Club

The Bangalore Turf Club is one of the six most important horse racing organizations in India. It’s located in the heart of Bangalore, known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. Due to its significance, the Race Course Road connects the Turf Club to the rest of the city.

The Bangalore Racecourse is well-known for its oval-shaped track. The total length of the track is 1950m and it’s a right-handed course with some challenging features. The track has several gradients along its course. One of them is the downhill section that dips by about 13 meters and climbs 11.5 meters back up. Four sharp turns and very short straight combine with these gradients to make a thrilling track. The Bangalore Turf Club has two racing seasons in a calendar year, one in Summer and another in Winter.

2. Mysore Race Club

The Mysore Race Club is a small but exclusive club located in city of Mysore. The 2000m main track at the club has a green turf surface that has withstood countless monsoons. It has two other tracks as well: a longer one for fast practice and a shorter one for bond school and trotting.

The club has three annual racing seasons:

  • Summer – from May to July
  • Monsoon – stretching from August to October
  • Winter – from November to February

The Summer and Winter seasons last for 12-14 days while the Monsoon season runs 16 days long. During the events, more than 350 horses run over 100 races.

3. Madras Race Club

Sprawled across 150+ acres, the Madras Race Club is one of the country’s best-equipped turf clubs. It’s located in the Guindy area of Chennai city and houses a 2355m long and 30-35m wide race track. This track is very technical with three separate bends, though it lacks any notable gradients.

The Madras Race Club splits its three racing seasons into the two race tracks it has under its control.

  • Ooty Summer Meet – From May to June
  • Madras Monsoon Races – from August to October
  • Madras Winter Meeting – November to March

4. Hyderabad Race Club

The Hyderabad Race Club has two race tracks, one of which it uses for the Summer racing season and the second one which it uses for the Winter racing season. The two tracks were made in response to the heavy monsoon season that made operations difficult every year.

Track Length Track Surface
Summer Track 2250 m Sand-based
Winter Track 2150 m Tan Bark

The Hyderabad Race Club organizes two racing seasons in a year.

  • Summer – Starts middle of July, ends late October or early November.
  • Winter – Starts middle of November, ends early March.

5. Royal Calcutta Turf Club

The Royal Calcutta Turf Club is located in the Maidan region of Kolkatta, which has been the home of horse racing in the city for over 200 years. The Club’s 2800-meter track is amongst the longest in India. The track is covered with green turf.

The Calcutta Turf Club organizes two races in a calendar year.

  • Monsoon Season – Starting July and ending late October.
  • Winter Season – Run from November to March.

Every year, more than 400 horses run on this track accompanied by 40 licensed jockeys.

6. Delhi Race Club

Just a stone’s throw away from the residence of the Prime Minister of India, the Delhi Race Club is the most prestigious race club in India. It’s an exclusive organization with less than 800 members. The club has a single track at the venue, which is covered in green turf. The oval-shaped track is largely flat and doesn’t have any tricky turns or steep gradients.

The Delhi Race Club hosts two racing seasons in a calendar year.

  • Monsoon – stretching from August to October
  • Winter – from November to April

Hundreds of horses participate in more than 30 race days during the winter racing season in Delhi.

7. Royal Western India Turf Club

The Royal Western India Turf Club has been in action since the 1800s and is easily the richest and most prestigious racing organization in India today. The Mahalaxmi race track in Mumbai is oval-shaped and is 2400m long. Thanks to its even, green turf surface, it’s considered one of the best race tracks in Asia.

The Royal Western India Turf Club holds two races in a year.

  • Winter – from November to March at the Mumbai Mahalaxmi Racecourse
  • Monsoon – from July to October at the Pune Racecourse

Over the course of a year, the club schedules 560 races spread across 70 race days involving 1,000 horses, 600 owners, and 150 jockeys.

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