Kerala Lottery Results – What is Kerala State Lotteries?


DateLottery Result
3rd July 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 03-07-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-180
2nd July 2020Live: Karunya Plus 02-07-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-323
1st July 2020Live: Akshaya 01-07-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-452
26th June 2020Live: SUMMER BUMPER-2020 31-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – BR-72
23rd June 2020Live: POURNAMI 29-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-436
19th June 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 27-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-166
16th June 2020Live: Karunya Plus 26-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-309
12th June 2020Live: Akshaya 25-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-438
9th June 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 24-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-202
5th June 2020Live: WIN-WIN 23-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-557
2nd June 2020Live: POURNAMI 22-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-435
20th March 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 20-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-165
19th March 2020Live: Karunya Plus 19-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-308
18th March 2020Live: Akshaya 18-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-437
17th March 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 17-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-201
16th March 2020Live: WIN-WIN 16-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-556
15th March 2020Live: POURNAMI 15-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-434
13th March 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 13-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-164
12th March 2020Live: Karunya Plus 12-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-307
11th March 2020Live: Akshaya 11-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-436
10th March 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 10-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-200
9th March 2020Live: WIN-WIN 09-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-555
8th March 2020Live: POURNAMI 08-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-433
7th March 2020Live: Karunya 07-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-438
6th March 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 06-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-163
5th March 2020Live: Karunya Plus 05-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-306
4th March 2020Live: Akshaya 04-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-435
3rd March 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 03-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-199
2nd March 2020Live: WIN-WIN 02-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-554
1st March 2020Live: POURNAMI 01-03-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-432
29th February 2020Live: Karunya 29-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-437
28th February 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 28-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-162
27th February 2020Live: Karunya Plus 27-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-305
26th February 2020Live: Akshaya 26-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-434
25th February 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 25-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-198
24th February 2020Live: WIN-WIN 24-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-553
23rd February 2020Live: POURNAMI 23-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-431
22nd February 2020Live: Karunya 22-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-436
21st February 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 21-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-161
20th February 2020Live: Karunya Plus 20-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-304
19th February 2020Live: Akshaya 19-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-433
18th February 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 18-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-197
17th February 2020Live: WIN-WIN 17-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-552
16th February 2020Live: POURNAMI 16-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-430
15th February 2020Live: Karunya 15-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-435
14th February 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 14-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-160
13th February 2020Live: Karunya Plus 13-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-303
12th February 2020Live: Akshaya 12-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-432
11th February 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 11-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-196
10th February 2020Live: X’mas New Year Bumper 2019-2020 10-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – BR-71
9th February 2020Live: POURNAMI 09-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-429
8th February 2020Live: Karunya 08-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-434
7th February 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 07-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-159
6th February 2020Live: Karunya Plus 06-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-302
5th February 2020Live: Akshaya 05-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-431
4th February 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 04-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-195
3rd February 2020Live: WIN-WIN 03-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-550
2nd February 2020Live: POURNAMI 02-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-428
1st February 2020Live: Karunya 01-02-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-433
31st January 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 31-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-158
30th January 2020Live: Karunya Plus 30-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-301
29th January 2020Live: Akshaya 29-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-430
28th January 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 28-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-194
27th January 2020Live: WIN-WIN 27-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-549
25th January 2020Live: Karunya 25-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-432
24th January 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 24-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-157
23rd January 2020Live: Karunya Plus 23-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KN-300
22nd January 2020Live: Akshaya 22-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – AK-429
21st January 2020Live: Sthree Sakthi 21-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – SS-193
20th January 2020Live: WIN-WIN 20-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – W-548
19th January 2020Live: POURNAMI 19-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – RN-427
18th January 2020Live: Karunya 18-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – KR-431
17th January 2020Live: NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY 17-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result – NR-156

Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery programme held in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Established in 1967, it was the first state-run lottery in India. It was established under the lottery department of the Government of Kerala and is, to this day, run the government.
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The idea of starting the Kerala State Lotteries was presented by the then Finance Minister of the state, P. K. Kunju Sahib after all private lotteries were banned in the state. He stated that the objective behind this move was to provide employment to people and supplement government finance without disturbing the public. The Kerala State Lotteries has become a model for many other states in India and many other states have started their own lotteries since its inception.

Though it was initially established under the Department of Finance, the lottery department was later brought under the Taxes Department. As of now, 465 employees work in the department under its Directorate located at Vikas Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram, 14 district offices, and a Regional Deputy Directorate at Ernakulam.

The Kerala State Lottery Department conducts many lotteries. To be precise, it conducts seven weekly lotteries and six bumper lotteries. Each lottery has a different prize structure and rules. While most of the weekly lotteries have similarly priced tickets and prizes ranging between ₹60 lakh and ₹70 lakh, the one lottery stands out is the Karunya lottery which offers a prize worth ₹1 crore. On the other hand, the bumper lotteries hand out prizes in crores, the biggest one giving a whopping ₹12 crore. These lotteries are conducted at 3:00 PM every day at the Sree Chithira Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram.

List of Kerala State Weekly Lotteries

1. Pournami

The first weekly lottery of the week is the Pournami that’s drawn every Sunday. You can buy a Purnami lottery ticket for just ₹30 and stand a chance to win ₹70 lakh. If you want to buy a whole book, prepare to shell out a hefty ₹750. The alphabetical code for the Pournami lottery is “RN”. Ticket holders who get the same six-digit numeric code but fail to get the two-alphabet series code right and hence miss the first prize by a single digit get a consolation prize of ₹8000. There are 11 first prize consolations handed out.

Next, the second prize of ₹5 lakh is drawn and given to one ticket holder while the third prize winner gets ₹2 lakh in total. For the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, you only need to match the last four digits of the number drawn. The fourth prize of ₹4000 is given to 13 ticket holders, fifth prize is of ₹2000 and is drawn 5 times, sixth prize is of ₹1000 and is given to 26 people, seventh prize consists of ₹500 and is handed out to 40 people, and finally, the eighth prize of ₹100 is given to 110 ticket holders in total.

2. Win-Win

Next in line, the Win-Win lottery is drawn every Monday. The prize amount promised by Win-Win lottery is ₹65 lakh in return for a measly ticket cost of ₹30. The alphabetical code for this lottery is “W” and ticket holders must match all six-digit numeric code along with the two-alphabet series code to be declared the winner. However, Win-Win offers ₹8000 consolation prizes to ticket buyers who failed to match only a single alphabet code.

Win-Win also makes separate draws for second through seventh place prizes, though second and third prize winners have to match the whole code while the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh prize winners only have to match the last four digits. From second through seventh place, the prizes vary as follows: ₹10 lakh, ₹1 lakh, ₹5000, ₹1000, ₹500, and ₹100. Though the chances of winning the first and second prize are quite low, all other prizes come with relatively much better odds as the third prize is drawn 12 times, the fourth prize is drawn 12 times as well, the fifth prize is drawn 30 times, the sixth prize is drawn 60 times, and the seventh prize is drawn 108 times.

3. Sthree Sakthi

The Sthree Sakthi lottery drawn every Wednesday has a slightly different prize structure than Pournami and Win-Win. It has a ₹70 lakh first prize and comes with an alphabetical code “SS”. One ticket still costs only ₹30 and the consolation prize is of ₹8000.

However, the second prize is only ₹5 lakh, a much smaller amount than the lotteries mentioned above. Regarding other prizes, 12 people get the third prize of ₹5000, seven get the fourth prize of ₹2000, 21 people receive the fifth prize of ₹1000, 36 lucky ticket holders get the sixth prize of ₹500, 45 get to go home with the seventh prize of ₹200, and finally, 102 people receive the eighth prize of ₹100.

4. Akshaya

Heading back to normal, the Akshaya lottery is quite similar to Pournami and Win-Win. You can buy a ticket for ₹30 and stand a chance to win ₹60 lakh. Drawn every Wednesday, the ticket comes with the alphabetical code “AK”.

The second prize is a generous ₹5 lakh while 12 random ticket holders get the third prize of ₹1 lakh. The fourth prize of ₹5000, fifth prize of ₹2000, sixth prize of ₹1000, seventh prize of ₹500, and the eighth prize of ₹100 are handed out to 12, 6, 25, 48, and 112 people respectively. Additionally, a consolation prize of ₹8000 is given to people who missed the main prize by a single alphabet.

5. Karunya Plus

The Karunya Plus is a different lottery than the much more well-known Karunya. It gives a first prize of ₹70 lakh for a small ticket price of ₹30. It’s drawn every Thursday and has seven prize tiers excluding the consolation prize of ₹8000.

Similar to other lotteries so far, the first, second, and third prize winners need to match the entire code to win, while the fourth through seventh prize winners only have to match the last four digits of the code. The prize tiers themselves are as follows: second prize of ₹5 lakh, third prize of ₹1 lakh, fourth prize of ₹5000, fifth prize of ₹2000, sixth prize of ₹1000, seventh prize of ₹500, and eighth prize of ₹100. These prizes are awarded to 1, 12, 14, 25, 50, and 112 ticket holders respectively.

6. Nirmal

Every Friday, residents of Kerala can participate in the Nirmal lottery by purchasing a ticket of ₹30. It rewards ₹60 lakh for the first prize draw and ₹5 lakh for the second prize. For those that just miss the first prize, the lottery department hands a consolation prize of ₹8000.

Other prize tiers include third prize of ₹1 lakh given to 12 ticket holders, fourth prize of ₹5000 handed out to another 12 ticket holders, fifth prize of ₹1000 drawn 31 times, sixth prize of ₹500 given to 60 people, and a final seventh prize of ₹100 each to 108 people.

7. Karunya

Karunya is by far the biggest weekly lottery in Kerala. Its first prize is a whopping ₹1 crore. Interested people can buy a ticket as less as ₹50 though it’s a little more expensive than other lottery tickets. It’s drawn every Saturday and brings a close to the weekly lottery system in Kerala.

Karunya has a total of eight prize tiers excluding the consolation prize of ₹8000 given to nine slightly-unlucky ticket holders. Other prize tiers include a second prize of ₹10 lakh, third prize of ₹1 lakh,  fourth prize of ₹5000, fifth prize of ₹2000, sixth prize of ₹1000, seventh prize of ₹500, and eighth prize of ₹100. These prizes are handed out to 1, 10, 21, 10, 41, 81, and 120 ticket holders respectively.

Kerala State Bumper Lotteries

As mentioned above, the Kerala Lottery Department conducts six bumper lotteries in addition to the aforementioned seven weekly lotteries. These bumper lotteries offer much bigger prizes than weekly lotteries and, as a result, are extremely popular among Kerala lottery residents.

  • Christmas New Year Bumper

Held every January, the Christmas New Year lottery awards a whopping 12 Crore prize for its first prize winner. This bumper lottery also has secondary prize tiers of ₹10 lakh, ₹5 lakh, ₹1 lakh, ₹5000, ₹2000, ₹1000, and ₹500.

  • Summer Bumper

The summer bumper is held every March and comes with a relatively smaller prize of ₹4 crore. It also awards a considerably sized second and third prize of ₹25 lakh and ₹10 lakh. Additionally, it features five other prize tiers excluding the consolation prize of ₹1 lakh.

  •  Vishu Bumper

The Vishu bumper is drawn every May and gives a reward of ₹6 crore. It comes with a second prize of ₹10 lakh, a third prize of ₹5 lakh, and a fourth prize of ₹1 lakh followed by smaller prize tiers of ₹5000, ₹2000, ₹1000, and ₹500.

  • Monsoon Bumper

The Monsoon Bumper is naturally drawn every year in July. It’s the smallest of all the bumper lotteries offered by the Kerala Lottery Department and rewards a first prize of ₹2 crore. It also has seven other prize tiers and a consolation prize of ₹1 lakh. With such a huge consolation prize, even the ticket holders who missed it by the skin of their teeth will be happy.

  • Thiruvonam Bumper

The Thiruvonam Bumper is the biggest bumper lottery in Kerala, offering a whopping first prize of ₹12 crore. It’s held every year in September and ticket holders can even win from other prize tiers like the ₹50 lakh-second prize, the ₹10 lakh-third prize, the ₹5 lakh-fourth prize, the ₹1 lakh-fifth prize, the ₹5000-sixth prize, the ₹3000-seventh prize, ₹2000-eighth prize, and the ₹1000-ninth prize.

  • Pooja Bumper

The lottery department ends the year with a Pooja Bumper in November. It offers a prize of ₹4 crore along with prizes in seven other tiers ranging from ₹10 lakh to ₹500. It also awards a consolation prize of ₹1 lakh.

How to Understand Your Kerala Lottery Ticket

Kerala Lottery Tickets are hard to come by. If you want to buy one, you’ll have to go to a verified retailer as the Kerala Lottery Department doesn’t yet support online betting. When you do get your ticket, you’ll find that it’s not exactly easy to understand. With multiple bar codes and numbers on it, the lottery ticket can easily cause confusion for any new player. So here are the elements of a Kerala lottery ticket you need to know about.

  • Lottery Number

On the top right of your ticket and written in bold will be your lottery number or draw number. It’s a combination of two alphabets and two digits joined by a dash. The alphabetical part of the lottery number indicates the lottery name while the numerical part indicates the number of the draw. For example, SS-56 means the 36th draw of the Sthree Sakthi lottery, while BR-29 means the 29th draw of the Bumper lottery series.

  • Ticket Number and Barcode

Your ticket number is the one you’ll have to compare with the draw results when they’re announced, so it’s the most important number for you. It’s written at the bottom right of your ticket and consists of a two-character alphabetical code followed by a six-digit numeric code. In some lotteries, there may be only five digits. We strongly advise that you don’t tamper with your barcode associated with your ticket number, as it’s used to identify the genuineness of your ticket.

  • Secret Code and Barcode

Each Kerala lottery ticket comes with a secret code and a barcode associated with it. The secret code is used for verification while paying out the prizes since nobody can forge a duplicate ticket without knowing the associated the secret code. Thus, it’s very important that you keep your secret code a secret. It’s positioned at the bottom left of your lottery ticket.

  • Counter Foil Number and Seal

At the far right of your ticket, you’ll see a number that’s been split in half by the ticket’s edge. This is the counter foil number. It’s torn in the middle and its balance part is kept in the district office. When a ticket wins one of the higher prizes, the counter foil number is used for additional verification. Additionally, on the back of the ticket, you’ll see a counterfoil seal that’s been torn in half. The counter foil number and counter foil seal serve the same purpose.

  • Agent’s Seal

The back of your lottery ticket will also have an Agent’s seal having the agent’s name and valid agency code. This is used as another layer of verification during prize payment. As a ticket buyer, you should make sure that your ticket the Agent’s seal is clearly visible.

Where to Find the Latest Kerala Lottery Results

The Kerala lottery is usually conducted at 3:00 PM on the draw date. You can find the lottery draw result on the official Kerala lottery website on the same day. The results are also published in the Kerala Government Gazette for the ticket holders’ convenience. If you can’t get access to the above-mentioned sources, you can refer to this webpage for the latest Kerala lottery results. We also publish the latest news and updates related to Kerala lotteries on our website so that you’re always up-to-date on the subject.

While verifying the results, you need to compare your ticket number with the numbers drawn. Compare each alphabet and digit carefully and make sure to compare your ticket for all prizes. Usually, the top prizes require you to match all the alphabets and digits drawn, but to win the lower tier prizes, you only need to match the last four digits. If you’ve won, you’ll have to verify your winning number with the result published in the Gazette and surrender the lottery ticket within 30 days of the draw date.


Though the state of Kerala uses the GST received from the sale of lottery tickets towards helping support welfare schemes in Kerala, notable among the lotteries is the Karunya lottery. Its proceeds provide financial support to Kerala citizens that can’t afford medical bills from Cancer, Haemophilia, and Kidney and Heart diseases.

The Kerala state lotteries truly are a beneficial move for the citizens of the state. They give hope of a better life to the ticket holders and financially support many others directly.