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Leovegas India – 2019’s Most Popular Indian Casino

In this day and age where we turn to the internet for all our requirements like information, education, daily requirements and entertainment, it is no surprise that a number of big players in the gaming industry have started providing their services online. Today, the people of India can conveniently try their hand at a huge variety of casino games at the online casino websites that are now widely available. One such casino website, especially tailored to suit the needs of Indian players is the Leovegas online casino.

 About the Leovegas Online Casino

The Leovegas Online Casino describes itself as a place where players can enjoy casino games while getting the royal treatment. A combination of two popular words Leo and Vegas, the former indicates that the player is the king and the latter stands for a casino experience comparable to that of Las Vegas, which is a popular city in the USA that abounds in some of the world’s best casinos. So, Leovegas is all about providing players with the best casino games online and according to the players with the royal treatment. Let us now get to know about this popular online casino in detail:

1. Game types available

When you first visit this website, the first thing you are presented with is the huge range of casino games available. The whole homepage is filled with various types of slot games, table games like Blackjack and Roulette among many others and more. The huge variety ensures that you will never get tired of the website as you have unlimited options to explore.

2. Deposit Methods

At Leovegas it is always about providing the customer with the best possible services. Hence, they provide all conventional form of deposit methods online, including debit/credit cards from all popular banks, Netbanking and more.

3. Free to Play Games

The main problem with shopping online is that you can’t get a feel of the product/service before you buy like you can at a conventional store. But when it comes to gaming at this website you can actually try their free-to-play games before taking the plunge!

4. Support

Online casino is basically about the convenience of being able to play whenever and wherever we want. To make this aspect more convenient, Leovegas provides customer support any time of the day and 24×7. The customer service personnel will provide assistance on a range of issues including problems with payments, queries about the games or the services and anything and everything else you might need.

5. Age restrictions

Just like any other adult entertainment option playing casino games also has age restrictions. So, players who are 18 years or more are only allowed to register and get access to the website. You may even have doubts about whether online gambling legal in India. As a matter of fact, there is no legislation saying it’s illegal.

6. Advantages available at Leovegas

Apart from the convenience of playing online Leovegas provides a lot of other advantages. The best thing about the website is the number of games available. Especially for people who are looking to play for fun, the options available in just slots and slot machines is mind-blowing. Additionally, the live casino feature is an added advantage. Finally, with the sports betting option also available this is a full-fledged casino website that provides almost all the popular gambling options.

Another big advantage of this website is the safety and security aspects. Basically, players are provided with a 24×7 support so that they can get all their issues addressed, at any time of the day or night. Additionally, secure payment options increase the aspect of security. Finally, the people running the website recognize that too much betting can become an issue, which is why they encourage responsible gaming and provide players with the necessary resources to recognize problems and ways to stay safe!

Leovegas Casino Bonuses

One of the joys of online casino is the bonuses that websites provide. Leovegas is no different and provides a range of bonuses to new players and frequent visitors too. Let us have a look at the various types of bonuses available. Before we get into the thick of things, it is important to note that all bonuses are provided as offers or cards. Once you are a registered your active offers are provided in the “My Offers” section.

1. Deposit Bonuses/Offers

Leovegas offers up to Rs. 30,000 as deposit offers. These offers aren’t just available on your first deposit though; bonuses in various forms are available every time you make a deposit.

First deposit offer: For the first deposit you can get up to 10,000/-

Rs. 1000-4999/- Bonus of Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 5000-9999/- Bonus of Rs. 5000/-
Rs.10000 and above Bonus of Rs.10,000/-

Players are provided bonuses on their 2nd and 3rd deposit too.

 2. Other Bonuses

In addition to the deposit, Leovegas also provides players with other types of bonuses at frequent intervals. You might be provided with free spins, free bets and more!

It is a licensed casino – Play from India

Leovegas operates a legitimate business. It is operated by a company licensed in Malta and is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and is also licensed and regulated by the British Gambling Commission. So, the company, the website and the games available are all legal, and the company works according to the rules and guidelines of the Gambling Commission.

What we think about Leovegas: Review

Basically, Leovegas is a legal entity and is crafted in such a way as to provide the best casino experience for the Indian audience. There are a wide variety of casino games available that include games like slots and video poker for the not-too-serious gamer as well as skill-games like Blackjack, poker and roulette for the more seasoned player. And the best thing is that all these games are interesting to play and come with a number of interesting visuals and background scores. We feel one will not get bored when gambling at this online casino!

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